33 Simple Past Tense Exercises for ESL and EFL Students

Here's Volume 2 of my ESL worksheets for adults. It has 33 Simple Past Tense Exercises for English Language Learners. The book contains exercises appropriate for Beginning, Intermediate and Advance students.

Each of the exercises has at least 20 blanks. They are fill-in-the-blank, or cloze, exercises.

Answer sheets are included for every exercise.

Each sentence in each exercise is unique. I've written them all myself and tested them with my students.

How Much is the Book of ESL Exercises?

The book costs $17.00 (USD) and is available for immediate download.

This is a "digital" book. You can download it to your computer and print it out whenever you want. There is no "hard copy."

You will probably never have to go searching for Past Simple exercises again. This set of printable worksheets should be all you'll ever need for your ESL students.

Use them over and over again with Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced students.

Printing Out Your Simple Past Tense Exercises

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After you download the worksheets book to your computer, you will always have them to print out exercises when you need them.

If you have any questions, contact me and I will personally help you and make sure all your questions are answered.

Got Questions?

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How to Teach with Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises

Fill-in-the-blank exercises are also known as "cloze exercises." They can be a great tool for teachers and tutors to help teach and reinforce verb tenses, vocabulary, etc. 

Cloze exercises can also be used for quizzes and tests. Please see my ESL Cloze Exercises page for more examples and guidelines for use.