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Use the form below to send me your comments, suggestions, questions (and even corrections, please!).

Using the form below is the way to contact me confidentially. Of course, if you check the box that says it's okay to share your message or info, then I may do so to help other readers.

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You can also get in touch with me by leaving your comments in the Facebook Comments option below. You can do that here or on other pages of my site.

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About Me

My name is Debra Garcia and I'm an ESL tutor. I've been privately tutoring students for over 10 years. Click on this link if you'd like to learn more about me and this site.

Y'all Come Back Now, Here?!

I'm continually working to create new pages and upload new worksheets you can use for ESL and EFL students. So please come back regularly to check for new stuff. (Or be sure to "Like" my Facebook page; that's the fastest way to learn of new stuff.)

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