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Three ESL Videos for Tutors

The following ESL videos were made by me a couple of years ago when I launched my 120+ page book 10 Steps to a Successful ESL Tutoring Business. Since then, this series has been buried in the bowels of my website.

I often receive emails from ESL tutors/teachers and potential teachers asking many of the questions that I've addressed in these ESL videos, so I've decided to revive them and post them here.

One of the most frequent questions I get is, in short, how do I know what to teach my English Language Learners? Where do I start?

If this is also your burning question, then skip down to #2 - How to Do an ESL Needs Assessment. 

ESL Video #1 - How to Conduct a First Meeting with a Prospective ESL/EFL Student

If you're a tutor, especially a private tutor running your own business, then you need to see this video. In it, I tell you step-by-step what to do, what to bring, and what to say in your first meeting with a prospective student so that he or she will absolutely want to work with you.

Of course, you should also use this meeting to decide if YOU want to work with the student. (I also share how to say "no" to a student, should you decide you don't want to work with him or her, in a way that preserves the relationship.

ESL Video #2 - How to Do an ESL Needs Assessment

More step-by-step instructions for ESOL tutors. When you follow the suggestions I lay out here, you'll find out exactly what your student/client wants to learn and how to go about delivering your lessons in a way that makes you stand out.

ESL Video #3 - ESL Tutoring Contract

Cancellations and no-shows are the bane of a self-employed tutor's financial existence! In this video, I show you how to use a contract that will not only reduce cancellations and no-shows, but also demonstrate to your prospective students your professionalism (which allows you to charge more than others in your geographic area).

I also show you how to present the contract and explain it to your limited English-speaking clients.


As previously mentioned, the above vids were used by me to launch my "10 Steps" book, so there are some dated references toward the end of each recording; just ignore them.

And if you're interested in seeing my book and learning a lot more about running your own tutoring business, just click on the book cover below.

10 Steps to a Successful ESL Tutoring BusinessClick the image to learn more about "10 Steps to a Successful ESL Tutoring Business"

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