ESL Teaching Tips Volume 1

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Verb Tense Cheat Sheets, Pt. 1


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I hope you're doing well and enjoying these first days of Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!).

This edition of ESL Teaching Tips focuses on Verb Tenses. Click here to go directly to the Verb Tense Cheat Sheet Part 1.  Read on for an explanation of what you're getting this time.


When I first started teaching ESL nine years ago, my most time consuming task was figuring out and understanding verb tenses well enough to effectively teach them.  I don't think many native English speakers have to give verb tenses a second thought; we just use them!

Then, some of us become ESOL teachers and we have to figure them out!  This was actually what started me writing my first ESL blog ( I wanted to succinctly describe the elements and usage of verb tenses for myself and for other teachers. 

I later added a page for each verb tense to my website ( I go into a lot of detail, but hopefully not an overwhelming amount on these pages.  

What I'm providing you in this edition of ESL Teaching Tips is a more succinct description of six verb tenses (I'll send the next six in the next edition).  I give you the Conjugation, Form, and Function(s) of the Simple and the Simple Progressive tenses (Simple Present, Simple Past, Simple Future, Present Progressive, Past Progressive and Future Progressive).

You can use these pages as "cheat sheets" for yourself and even handouts for your more advanced students.  If you need more detail, you can visit my website.

I hope this serves you!

What's Coming Up…

1.      I'll follow this up with the second half of the verb tenses (the Perfect and Perfect Progressive tenses).

2.      I'm still working on my book "Ten Steps to a Successful ESL Tutoring Business" (working title) and hope to have it done "soon."  You'll get a free copy of at least one chapter in ESL Teaching Tips.

3.      Probably in May (OMG that's next month already!), I hope to be starting a Teleseminar Coaching series for those folks who want to start, or are currently working on, their own tutoring business.

For now, click here to go to your Verb Tense Cheat Sheets Part 1.

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Happy Teaching!


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