How to Do a Needs
Assessment for ESL Students

Here's Video #2 in my series. I hope it will serve you!

[Note: This ESL Needs Assessment video is part of a series of videos I used to help launch my "10 Steps to a Successful ESL Tutoring Business" in 2015. However, many folks have written to let me know how much it helped them, so I thought I'd include it on my website for everyone.]

If the video keeps stopping on you, click on the pause button, go make a cup of tea, then come back and hit the play button again. That should give it enough time to "buffer."

Click here for a copy of my Needs Assessment form. (But you have to promise to watch the whole video!)

Video 1: How to Conduct a First Meeting with a Prospective Student

Click here for the first video in the series.

Video 3: How to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows with an ESL Tutoring Contract

Click here for the last video in the series.

As always, I'd greatly appreciate your comments and questions below!

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